CnCNet - how we started & the team keeping C&C alive.

About CnCNet

Since 2009, CnCNet has been dedicated to reviving and enhancing the online gaming experience for Command & Conquer fans worldwide. Our journey began with the early versions of CnCNet (1-4), which started with the original Command & Conquer and expanded to include Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, and Yuri's Revenge.

Our mission at CnCNet is to ensure that these beloved games remain accessible and enjoyable for both old and new players. We take pride in offering a user-friendly platform that makes gaming straightforward and enjoyable. We are committed to preserving your cherished childhood games, ensuring they are compatible with the latest operating systems, including Windows 11, while also providing smooth gameplay on older systems like Windows 7.

At CnCNet, we are also dedicated to maintaining fair play. We actively combat cheating in online games, addressing both longstanding and new exploits to ensure a fair gaming environment for all players.

In 2020, we reached a significant milestone, hosting over 5500 simultaneous players online. This achievement underscores our dedication to the C&C community and our ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience.

The key bits...

Is CnCNet Legal?

Yes. CnCNet is legal to use. We patch and re-package officially freeware games released by EA so they continue to work. For games that are not freeware, we purposely only include our CnCNet installer as a download which looks for looks for a copy of your game to patch.

Gameplay will always remain original

We're proud to say we keep the games to how they were first released, excluding the fixing of game breaking exploits or hacks that ruin the Multiplayer experience. The gameplay and balance is how you will have played it back 20 years ago. What we change is making the games compatible to play again.

Open Source

CnCNet is an open source project consisting of a dedicated team of die hard fans, modders, and developers. We're always looking for help, so if you think you can help, get in touch.

CnCNet is Free to use, Forever

The CnCNet platform will always be free to use. CnCNet is financed by donations kindly contributed by the community.

CnCNet Partners and Affiliation

GameSurge is a main partner of CnCNet, providing a robust network of servers to make playing across the world possible. CnCNet is not linked to EA Games, and has no official affiliation with Electronic Arts.

CnCNet is a Community, not a company

It's important to note we are not officially tied to the C&C franchise, we are simply a community driven project, and are not paid. We do the work out of our freetime.